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ESE Training and Consultant Online School

As of all you know the current situation of the world which is being suffering from the pandemic disease that the world has not seen in its history ever before named *"COVID-19"* which is responsible for many of the families to lose their family member and also responsible for many of them to lose their jobs
   So at this time some of the people who lost their jobs or the people who didn't joined any jobs yet are doing cyber crimes to get money. The main target of them are women and children, because through them they can easily rob the money
   So at this time to make India crime free from these activities our team named *"ETHICAL SECURITY EXPERTS"* was launched on the date 01/09/2021 with ten members. Our main intention is to educate the people about these frauds and also to provide basic essentials knowledge about cyber security, cyber awareness, cyber laws, cyber crimes, online frauds etc.

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We are a cyber security company that aims to provide the cybersecurity training and cyber security services

  • To provide opportunities towards advanced research in cyber security.

  • Introduce students to the possibility of future study or employment in cyber security and Digital forensics.

  • We care about our clients and aim to give them the best service possible.

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